Daiva Petrylaitė


.Daiva Petrylaitė was born on 23 August 1977 in Raseiniai. In 2000, she graduated from the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. In 1999–2001, she worked as a chief specialist-lawyer at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour; in 2001–2005, she was a senior legal adviser at the Legal Department of the Office of the Seimas. In 2005–2006, she held the position of the Head of the Legislation Division at the Ministry of the Interior. In 2005, Daiva Petrylaitė defended her PhD thesis “Theoretical and Practical Problems of the Collective Labour Dispute Institution”. Since 2001, she has lectured at the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. She participated in internships, delivered various lectures, and was engaged in training PhD holders at the universities of Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, and other countries. Daiva Petrylaitė is the author (co-author) of scientific monographs, textbooks, and numerous scientific articles on issues relating to labour law, social partnership, and public service. She is a professor at Vilnius University and holds a PhD in social sciences (in the field of law). In March 2017, Daiva Petrylaitė was appointed a justice of the Constitutional Court.