Declaration of the Council of the Lithuanian Freedom Fight Movement

The Council of the Lithuanian Freedom Fight Movement, representing all of the military public formations present within the territory of Lithuania and headed by a united leadership, namely:

a) the South Lithuanian Region including the Dainava District and the Tauras District,

b) the East Lithuanian Region including the Algimantas District, the Didžioji Kova District, the Vytis District and the Vytautas District,

c) the West Lithuanian Region including the Kęstutis District, the Prisikėlimas District and the Žemaičių District,

that is to say, expressing the will of the Lithuanian Nation, reiterating the fundamental principles of the 10 June 1946 Declaration of the Supreme Committee for the Restoration of Lithuania, the 28 May 1947 UDRM1 decisions and the UDRM Declaration No. 2, and supplementing them by the decisions adopted on 10 February 1949 at the joint meeting of the UDRM Presidium and at the UDRM Military Council, declares:

1. Relying on the 10 February 1949 decisions by the UDRM Presidium and UDRM Military Council joint meeting, during the occupation period, the LFFM2 Council shall be the supreme political body of the Nation, in charge of the political and military fight for the liberation of the Nation.

2. The headquarters of the LFFM Council and its Presidium shall be located in Lithuania.

3. The State system of Lithuania shall be a democratic republic.

4. The sovereign authority of Lithuania shall belong to the Nation.

5. The governance of Lithuania shall be exercised by the Seimas elected through free, democratic, universal, and equal elections by secret ballot and by the formed Government.

6. The Provisional National Council shall have the legislative power during the period from the end of the occupation until the democratic Seimas of Lithuania is convened.

7. Observing the principle of proportional representation, the Provisional National Council shall consist of the representatives of all the regions, districts, groups, high schools, cultural and religious organisations and movements and political parties having national support, under a united leadership fighting in Lithuania and abroad.

8. Upon the restoration of Lithuania’s independence until the Seimas is convened, the Chairman of the LFFM Council Presidium shall hold the office of the President of the Republic.

9. The Provisional Government of Lithuania shall be formed upon the assignment of the Chairman of the LFFM Council Presidium. The Government shall be accountable to the Provisional National Council.

10. For the coordination of the activities by the Lithuanians abroad and the restoration of Lithuania, the LFFM Council Presidium shall maintain the LFFM Delegation Abroad that, in co-operation with the representatives of Lithuania accredited to the Western States, shall establish commissions and delegations to defend and represent Lithuania’s interests before the United Nations Organisation, at various conferences and other international institutions.

11. Members of the LFFM Delegation Abroad shall elect of their number the Chairman of the LFFM Delegation Abroad, who shall be considered the Deputy Chairman of the LFFM Council Presidium.

12. Members of the LFFM Delegation Abroad shall be considered full and equal members of the LFFM Council.

13. To implement this Declaration the LFFM Council shall issue regulations.

14. Prior to the Seimas adopts and promulgates the State Constitution complying with human freedom and democracy aspirations, the restoration of the State of Lithuania shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions declared by this Declaration and in the spirit of the 1922 Constitution of Lithuania.

15. The restored State of Lithuania shall guarantee equal rights for all of Lithuania’s nationals who have not committed any crimes against Lithuanian national interests.

16. As dictatorial and in essence contrary to the principal aspiration of the Lithuanian Nation and the cornerstone of the Constitution, that is Lithuania’s independence, the Communist Party shall not be considered a legal party.

17. Persons who have betrayed their Homeland during the Bolshevik or German occupation by collaborating with the enemy, having by their actions or influence undermined the Nation’s fight for liberation and have been stained by treason or blood, shall be held responsible before the Court of Lithuania.

18. The positive influence of religion in developing the Nation’s morality and sustaining its strength during the most difficult period of the freedom fights is underlined.

19. Social care is not a matter of individual citizens or organisations alone, but it is rather one of the priority tasks of the State. Particular care shall be provided by the State to the victims of the liberation fight and their families.

20. A rational settlement of the social problems and the reconstruction of the State economy are linked to the reform of agriculture, municipalities and industry, which shall be implemented at the very outset of independent existence.

21. In close union with the fighting Nation, the LFFM Council invites all the Lithuanians of good will, residing within the Homeland and outside its borders, to forget the differences in their views and to join the activities of national liberation.

22. Contributing to the efforts of other nations to establish the world over a constant peace founded on justice and freedom and based on a full implementation of the principles of real democracy following from an understanding of Christian morality and declared in the Atlantic Charter, Four Freedoms, President Truman’s 12 Points, the Declaration of Human Rights and other declarations of justice and freedom, the LFFM Council appeals to all of the democratic world for assistance in implementing its goals.

Occupied Lithuania
16 February 1949


Chairman of the LFFM Council Presidium                           Vytautas

Members of the LFFM Council                                                 Faustas

1 UDRM – the United Democratic Resistance Movement.
2 LFFM – the Lithuanian Freedom Fight Movement.




The Declaration was signed by:1

Chairman of the Presidium of the Council of the Lithuanian Freedom Fight Movement: Jonas ŽEMAITIS – VYTAUTAS;

Commander of the Tauras District: Aleksandras GRYBINAS – FAUSTAS;

Chief of the West Lithuanian Regional Headquarters: Vytautas GUŽAS – KARDAS;

Chief of the Didžioji Kova District Headquarters and the Authorised Representative of the Algimantas District and the Vytautas District: Juozas ŠIBAILA – MERAINIS;

Chief of the Prisikėlimas District Headquarters: Bronius LIESYS – NAKTIS;

Commander of the Prisikėlimas District: Leonardas GRIGONIS – UŽPALIS;

Acting Commander of the South Lithuanian Region, Commander of the Dainava District: Adolfas RAMANAUSKAS – VANAGAS;

Secretary of the Presidium of the Council of the Lithuanian Freedom Fight Movement: Petras BARTKUS – ŽADGAILA.

1 Italics mark a nom de guerre (a partisan code name) of each of the signatories of the Declaration.