The Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions

In October 2015, on the initiative of the Constitutional Court of Moldova and the Constitutional Court of Lithuania, the Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions (hereinafter referred to as the Association) was established. The Declaration on the establishment of the Association was signed by the Presidents of the Constitutional Courts of Lithuania and three Eastern Partnership countries of the European Union—Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. It is expected that more institutions exercising constitutional jurisdiction will join the Association in the future.

The Association was established in order to bring the long-standing cooperation between constitutional courts to a higher level, to institutionalise and consolidate it, as well as to promote and strengthen the motivation of the partner countries to participate in joint activities. The new regional cooperation of constitutional courts will open opportunities to even more actively contribute to the strengthening of democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights in the Eastern Partnership countries, as well as will help to generate new initiatives to ensure firm and consistent support for Eastern partners that have chosen European integration and need total support in order to defend their European choice and territorial integrity. In addition, the cooperation will provide constitutional courts with more opportunities to share their good experience more efficiently and more frequently, and to put such an experience into practice; the cooperation will also prompt an even more intensive and meaningful dialogue between constitutional courts. The Constitutional Courts of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine have actively contributed to ensuring compliance with the principles of a state under the rule of law; therefore, it is sought to help strengthening the independence of these institutions, which guarantee the protection of constitutional values and principles, and to consolidate the European dimension in the activity of these courts.

The Declaration on the establishment of the Association underlines that constitutional courts have a particularly important role in ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution in the legal system and constitutional justice and in guaranteeing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as declares the commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty of states and their territorial integrity. The Association also affirms the resolve of the partners to represent, in solidarity and unity, the interests of the regional constitutional courts in the world and the constitutional justice organisations in Europe.

The full text of the Declaration on the Establishment of the Association and the Statute can be found here.

The 2nd Congress of the Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions, held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on 1–2 June 2017, adopted a resolution, the full text of which can be found here.

On 20 October 2017, the Association expressed its deep concern with regard to the pressure exercised by the President of the Republic of Moldova and his interference with the activity of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova. Read more: