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The resolution of the Seimas on the consent to hold a member of the Seimas criminally liable, to detain him, or to restrict his liberty otherwise ruled to be unconstitutional in view of the procedure of its adoption


The legal regulation providing that only the persons who became employed exclusively after graduating an appropriate educational institution were entitled to maternity allowances without completing the established insurance period ruled unconstitutional


The legal regulation imposing a limitation on the size of maternity allowances ruled unconstitutional


The legal regulation, consolidated in the Code of Criminal Procedure, under which a member of a municipal council holding the office of mayor or deputy mayor may be temporarily removed from office ruled not in conflict with the Constitution


The legal regulation imposing, as from 12 July 2012, strengthened requirements as to good repute on persons who have acquired the weapons of Category D that, since 1 March 2011, have been classified in Category C ruled unconstitutional


Other News

The President of the Constitutional Court is participating in the discussion in Chisinau on the judicial review of constitutional amendments


The Constitutional Court visited by the judges of the European Court of Human Rights


Consolidated in the Constitution of the 3rd May, the idea of personal responsibility for one’s own freedom and the freedom of the state remains important today


The Constitutional Court will implement the project funded from the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme


The Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions condemns the pressure exerted on constitutional courts



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